Wissen 2.0 - School Management System ERP

WISSEN is a complete ERP software for every type of educational institute. It is designed to fulfill every kind of need for seamless flow of information among various modules. It is quite capable to perform all required operations and administrative tasks. WISSEN is equipped with various modules and it can be tailored to suit your oraganizational needs. It is completely secure and can be integrated with smart cards or bar code readers, biometric machines, RFID, GPS systems. Wissen is user friendly and help to reduce school management cost and coordination among adminsitration, staff, students and parents.

How it works.

Key Features

account system

Access for admin, teacher, student and parent.

user interface

Wissen will run over all kinds of devices seamlessly.

free updates

Regular updates are available to download for free.

support ready

Dedicated developer support for every client.


Supports 21 different languages.

100% Dynamic

Fully dynamic, that match your need.

Student fees management

Manage student fees very easily.

Parent monitor child activity

Parent can monitor all activities of their child.

Home work document

Attach and download study documents.

Class routine schedule

Very easy to create and manage classes schedules.

Profile system

Edit profile settings as per your standard.

Exam result management

Manage exam result of all students.

Chart & Graph analysis

Chart & graph representation of your data.

Library management

Systematic management of all library tasks.

Transport management

Transport management for all routes.

Daily attendance

Managing daily attendance is now hassle free.

Internal messaging

Private messaging among all users.

Best quality at lowest price

Best quality ERP offered at lowest price.

All in one dashboard

Monitor status of all modules at one dashboard.

Student Profile View

Complete Student Details, Student Withdraw Facility, Student Promotion/Shuffling, I-card generation, various types of reports

Fees Management

Head Wise Collection, Short Fees and Discount/Coupon facility available, Fees Receipt in prescribed format. Student fees due report in detailed and summarized format.

Transport Management

Details of vehicles and associated routes. Student allocation to vehicle as per route, Transport fees receipt in prescribed format.

Attendance at a glance

Managing daily attendance is now hassle-free. Absent messages will deliver to parent's mobile phones.

Synchronisation & Backup Utility

Wissen sync data at daily basis to online server.
It is capable to make backup of data automatically as per scheduled policy.

ESS Management

Manage all tasks related with teacher and student. It has some useful reports for them in ESS Module.

Time Table

Class-wise and teacher-wise time table generation.

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Benefits of Wissen

  • For Management

    Wissen make all Transactions Paperless, Saving Trees Passively, All Records & Reports are Handy, Real Time Data Availability, Better Control Over Budget, Aid In Smarter Future Planning, Disciplined Process Flow, Save Human Effort, Cost Control over Resources etc.
  • For Students / Parents

    Real Time Availability of Notices & Circulars, Timely SMS and/or E-Mails Regarding Fee Bill etc., Quick Access To All Information Related To Ward, Graphical Reports of almost all information, Useful Examination Reports viz Showing Average Marks, Ward's Marks and Other reports. Can Compare With last Similar Exam. SMS on Ward Moving In/Going Out of the School, E-Purse Facility For Students Makes Parents Hassle-Free, Control Over Ward As Well As School etc.
  • For Teachers

    Simple Grade & Marks Management System, Attendance Automation for Students As Well As Employees, Analytical Reports To Assess Better, Graphical Reports To Understand Data in Better way, Quality Interaction With Parents & Students.